Conference Concluded successfully. We Thank speakers, paper presenters, participants and students who helped in making our conference a success.

Our 2013 Conference

1st International Conference on Linguistics & Language Teaching, November 25-27, 2013

  1. There is a need to regulate the teaching of languages in Pakistan by establishing a council for English teachers / language teachers / linguists / on the pattern of ‘Pakistan Engineering Council’.
  2. To facilitate intercultural communication among people of the four provinces and to neutralize language conflicts in Pakistan, the government should encourage plurilingualism.
  3. The areas of forensic linguistics, cognitive linguistics and clinical linguistics were briefly touched by the paper presenters at the conference; there is a need to encourage research in these areas of linguistics.
  4. Indigenized foreign language learning software and teaching material should be developed to reduce the cognitive load on the minds of the learners.  
  5.  Keeping in view the demand of Urdu in the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf, there is a need to promote and facilitate learning of Urdu in the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf in the form of USP (Urdu for Specific Purpose) courses.
  6. Audiovisual aids should be used in English language classrooms to maximize language learning.  
  7. There is a need to strengthen long-standing linguistic and cultural ties with the central Asian states.
  8. There is a need to encourage studies that focus on similarities between Urdu and Central Asian languages.
  9. Similar conferences should be held on regular basis for profitable exchange of ideas and experiences.